Monday, February 23, 2009

Wanting to adopt a cat or just sponsor one.

Being a bit of a softy for cats, I currently sponsor two cats. one called `Willow` and the other one called `Tinker in picture`, both who are residences of the `Shropshire Cat Rescue` in Bayston Hill, Shrewsbury.

So, on Saturday 21st feb, I paid shropshire cat rescue, a visit, although it was not arranged, I was warmly greeted by Marion, who runs the rescue centre from her home. She showed me around the place, and the operation they have and I was currently surprised at the number of cats/kittens that were currently at the centre, with just a few places available. That not including the places over at Church stretton centre, and several pens in Llynclys, which were taken at the time.

On asking why the number of cats, Marion said it was a number of reasons, marriage break up, cruelty cases, strays, current financial state just a few reasons, but no healthy cats put down. One thing I did think was the costs it must take, including vets bills to keep such a much needed operation going, so with that I offered my services to help with any fundraising projects up and coming.

So, a note to fellow bloggers, especially cat lovers, if you can either help by sponsoring a cat or making a donation to the rescue centre, even adopting a cat all will be much appreciated.Even pass this onto friends or family who also might be able to help with such a good cause.

So for more information, please use the link provided to Shrophire cat rescue.
Thank you for reading this.

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