Saturday, April 18, 2009

wooden benches for the nursery

Another workshop was arranged to make some benches for the sensory garden. So five of us met up at Tom Adams workshop to make them.

Traditional methods where used in making the seats, as shown by the photo below left:-

Below: one of the legs being prepared by axe

This method was used for most of the legs, with one of the aims of the workshop was to not use to many power tools, only a belt sander and drill to make the tenons on each of the legs.

It can be done by hand, but we had to cheat as we only had 6hrs to make 3 benches.

Below: You can see from this pic one of the 3 benches finished barring a fine sand and a coat of linseed oil

We now have 3 fine looking benches awaiting to be delivered to the sensory garden a few days before the opening of the garden in June 2009.

If you would like to find out or are interested in a workshop in wood with traditional methods then send Tom Adams a e-mail (

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