Thursday, May 7, 2009

Installation of talking flower and Woodenman

May the 7th, dry sunny weather and wind,- prompt work by steve, who made the Talking Flowers helped us to be able to install both talking flower and wooden man. as you can see from the photo below is one of the talking flowers stems:

The picture below: All 3 stems are showing just behind the water channel. The middle one, will be inside the igloo that is still being worked on. Thats, due for delivery to the site on the 12th of May, where the panels will be fitted.

The picture on the left, is of the woodenman structure after being fixed into position, awaiting the setting of the concrete. Once set a small flower border will go around the legs of the structure.

Pic Right: Down tool time, no, just the team having some down time and taking stock before tackling the wooden man. (well, thats what they said!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) could be they just wanted to top their tan up!!!!

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