Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Working on the Igloo

Where`s the sun !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wed 13th May 2009, was the day the frame of the igloo arrived and a team of members was to come down and lace the panels that we had manufactured at pennants in Oswestry. We started of well until the weather changed for the worse, luckily we were able to move the frame and panels inside to do, which was a great help.

As you can see from the picture , many panels have been fitted and laced up, with Gabi and Arron posing for the camera.

One question I have been asking myself is..........

I just hope that we can get the igloo out once completed.

So that`s what a vacuum is for !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pic below .Gabi doing a good job with the vacuum Cleaner

Weather permitted, It is hoped that we can get work done on the see-saw water pump, install the raised borders and if the lacing is completed, the igloo can be concreted in.

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