Thursday, May 14, 2009

Raised borders started

Thursday 14th May was the day to hopefully get the igloo installed, as well as the three raised border and start on the water pump............. Well, it did not quite work out like that,,as you can see from the picture below,

pic Gabi inside the igloo

work is taking slightly longer than we thought, even with a team of 5, was not enough to get it finish, so tuesday is hopefully the day the igloo can be set into the ground in the garden.

So watch this space........

As for the see-saw pump, we managed to do a test on a pump design , which to my amazement worked. So the next step is to take it further and get it attched to a see-saw to work as we want it to.......

Filled with confidence from the see-saw, we then went onto starting on the raised borders, as you can see from the pictures belows it was not a easy job..............

pic : Kath & Mike pic : the first border in and planted

I have also attached another picture of the wooden man.

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